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Alexander Müller and Mark Kuhlmann have been making films together since they first met during film school in Munich. Whether it's a commercial or a narrative short film - they are always driven by the thought of making movies that touch the audience through their strong emotional storytelling. After finishing film school they decided to combine their creative forces. With "White Lama" they take their intuition for good stories paired with teamwork, that has been perfected over the years, to the next level.

"White Lama" is a young production company with one goal: To provide every movie the singularity it deserves. To guarantee the highest quality possible, we take on every project as an individual challenge. By doing so, we develop the ideal creative solution and ensure, that we get the maximum out of every budget. 

Thanks to our in-house post production we supervise every project until it's finalized to make sure that our vision is coming to life in the exact way we imagined it.

Alexander Müller

Director, Producer


Mark Kuhlmann

Director, Producer


Lisa Ena Ottenschläger


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Tim Plaster


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Christian Eberwein

Director of Photography

Vita Bild Alex Gruber.JPG

Alexander Gruber

Director of Photography

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